VPC Failure Scenarios: What Can Happen in the VPC Domain?

VPC technology has solved network redundancy and reliability issues for a long time. However, like any technology, it has potential pitfalls. This video explores the various VPC failure scenarios in a Cisco VPC environment.


To summarize:

  • If the VPC peer link is up, the peer keepalive link failure will not be affected. So, the VPC domain forwarding.
  • If the VPC peer link goes down while having the keepalive link up, then the secondary peer shuts down its VPC interfaces, and only the primary VPC peer will be in a forwarding state.
  • In case the VPC peer link goes down while having the keepalive link down, then both VPC peers think that the other switch is down, and that causes a split-brain scenario, which causes a forwarding issue.
  • The VPC auto-recovery command allows the secondary peer to detect the gradual failure problems.

I hope this article was useful. For comprehensive VPC content, please refer to my CCIE Data Center (v3.1) – L2 & L3 Technologies Udemy course.
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