What is AEP in ACI? Learn ACI AEP Easily

The ACI AEP or AAEP (Attachable Access Entity Profile) is one of the essential access policies that we require in any ACI deployment. However, many ACI users are not clear about this object!

In this article, I explained the AEP in a simple and clear way with a LAB demo.


  • The AEP maps domains to interface policies, with the ultimate goal of mapping VLANs to interfaces.
  • We use AEPs to define which interfaces can be used by EPGs and L3Outs through domains.
  • If desired, AEPs allow a one-to-many relationship to be formed between interface policy groups and domains.
  • When the EPG configuration deploys a VLAN on a port, the VLAN and the port must belong to the same domain using a VLAN pool and an AEP, respectively.
  • It is common practice to create one AEP for physical and L3 domains and another AEP for each VMM domain.
  • The AEP object has the infraAttEntityP class.
  • For more information, check the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Design Guide.

I hope this article was useful.

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