What and Why Cisco ACI? (The Easy Way)

Cisco ACI is an SDN solution that simplifies and automates creating, managing, and enforcing network security policies in data centers. It enables businesses to innovate faster and minimize downtime by radically simplifying, optimizing, and accelerating infrastructure deployment.

In this video, I answer some fundamental questions about Cisco ACI: What is Cisco ACI? What requirements led to this solution? and Why is it one of the preferred technologies in today’s data centers?


  • Cisco ACI captures higher-level business and user intent in the form of a policy, then translates this policy into the network constructs necessary to provision the network, security, and infrastructure services dynamically.
  • Cisco ACI can be configured from the APICs through GUI, REST API, and CLI.
  • For more information, check Cisco ACI References and Cisco ACI vs Traditional Networks.

I hope this article was useful; feel free to leave a comment or a question.

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