ACI CLI Types: Exploring APICs and Fabric Switches CLIs

The ACI CLI is built into each node (APIC or Switch) that can be used to leverage existing knowledge of Cisco NX-OS with many common commands and a few new additions.

Because the APIC and switches serve different purposes in an ACI solution, each provides unique CLI functionality that can be leveraged.

This video article aims to shed light on the ACI CLI types, exploring their role, functionality, and impact on APIC and Fabric Switches.


  • For both the APICs and the ACI fabric switches, there are various CLI types you can leverage to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot an ACI deployment.
  • On an APIC, the NX-OS–style CLI can be used to configure the fabric, just as with the API or GUI, and the Bash shell allows you to access the Linux operating system of the APIC.
  • For each switch in the ACI fabric, the iBash shell allows you to run read-only commands that leverage the API for the result which supports NX-OS and Linux commands. VSH CLI can be used to access an NX-OS–style CLI directly, and VSH_LC allows you to run commands that poll the hardware that runs on the line card(s) of the device.
  • For more information, check the Cisco ACI CLI Commands “Cheat Sheet.

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